Top Baby Swing Reviews 2016

By | February 8, 2017

All most parents want to take care their children as good as possible, and beside keep the surrounded environment in clean condition, you also need to equip your baby room with modern, convenient furniture and tools. And one of the most necessary thing that you should purchase, it is baby swing. Because your small children can not sleep well on a normal bed, they need to be taken care of carefully in a swing. But how to choose a good swing for your dear child? You can take some specific details below about the top rated baby swings that is so popular and chosen by many people this year

These top products listed here will show you more about necessary and useful information, so you can make a real research and combination before you decide to purchase any type of baby swing

Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing With Smart Swing:

This product is one of the most popular swing type on market, because of its perfect features and benefits. Mother choose this baby swing, so she can not only soothe but also entertainment their child. As you use that baby swing, you can set up suitable seat level, such as recline, upward or downward. One more important factors, it is swing speed, you can also set up suitable speed for different benefits and occasion, this Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle Swing get totally 6 level of speed, from slow to medium and fast. Children will love the soft and nice sound created from this smart swing, which let them sink in sleep slowly but deep. People love this swing because it save energy more effectively than other type of swing. You can pick up the product at any store easily with affordable price


-High safe for your children

-Swing cover from top to toe

-Energy saving with modern setting level system


-Small size, no more choice

-A little bit loud as it swing

Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing:

This product come in market with not only nice benefits but also affordable price, baby feel comfortable and sleep well with a Fisher Price Cradle Swing. So parents can save time to do their personal tasks or enjoy some hobbies daily. That is so great, isn’t that? More than that, the baby swing is also equipped with music and sound, you can also change different sounds or song everyday in order to sooth the baby and improve their mind as young age.

It also have various design with different color and size, so you can feel very easy and comfortable to pick up a good one with your favorite appearance. Good volume control is its unique factor, you can set up suitable level that soft enough to soothe your baby falling as sleep well.


-Beautiful design and variety of model

-Portable and firm frame but really light weight, only 15 pounds

-Nice soothing songs

* Disadvantages:

-It is small but enough space for 6 months baby

-maybe noisy while it swing

Graco Duet Shoothe Swing Plus Rocker:

It is a 2 in 1 product, and it is not only a rocker but also a swing, parents often consider a Graco Duet Shoothe as a perfect swing. As your children do not use that swing, you can keep it at small corner of the room for the next time use. Moreover, the reason why Graco duet Shoothe Swing is preferred and picked up by many people, it has super light weight, just about 5.5 pounds that you can carry it on with yourself on any long or short trips. With small size, that swing could be placed at the back of your car, so you need not to worry anymore about the ways to take care of your children as good as possible during the trips

For more portable options, you can pick up one with 25 pounds, that is always perfect choice to keep your baby in safe condition. It is really comfortable for the kids to sleep inside, your children will definitely appreciate of nice sleep and dream they achieve each night


-2 in 1 benefits, rocker and swing

Durable product with beautiful design

* Disadvantages:

-A little bit noisy