Predict baby’s gender

By | June 5, 2016

Forecasts child’s sex is often a hot topic after you share that he had brought. Everyone, from husband, family or friends will want to participate in this prediction game. The strange thing is though the probability is always 50/50, but it seems it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the people in this game. Today, technology has allowed us to skip the game we speculate, but for those parents who are not too curious gender ultrasound see what their child is, and then this game is still very fun.

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These types of fetal sex prediction old

When you’re pregnant, every small move in the way you say, do, eat, sleep will be scrutinized. All is just to see if you are pregnant a boy or a girl.

Pimples? Surely you are pregnant a girl. Fish food cravings? Surely she was carrying a boy. Remember, regardless of the number of methods that people use to predict, they are only predictions only. We have looked at all aspects of the type of reliable prediction of fetal sex archaic and their basis.

The way you carry pregnant, how your hair is just how predictable howling graphics fetal sex only. These methods have no scientific basis what, that’s just how happy do you have something that joke with friends or kill some time while waiting for your date of birth was eager to meet her little joy.

The ring game is a great game in the gift-giving event for expectant mothers, and even the way you sleep can also mean something related to the sex of the child if you believe in fairies those that . Remember, they are only a few things for fun. The only way to know the sex of the child is to wait until they are born or are you going supersonic.

Table predict fetal sex from China

Historically, predict fetal sex is an activity that people liked. In many countries, boys are considered more important than the daughter. That means families and expectant mothers as more interested in predicting the sex of the child. Gender prediction almost is considered a science; despite that it was a guessing game.

Table forecasts China’s gender was it used and modified many times over. It is based on the mother’s age and month of conception the baby. Table baby gender prediction Chinese style will give you a detailed insight on how to forecast the gender of the table. Remember, you always have a chance of winning is a 50/50 guess.

Prediction method according to the heart rate

This is an old method of forecasting based on the word of mouth of the old mother, has been used for a long time. Forecasting methods according to your heart rate will only consider certain factors and what should pay attention when auscultation.

This method is based on measuring the fetal heart rate and make forecasts about the sex of the child. Often, girls are believed to have high fetal heart rate than boys, usually above 140 beats per minute, while the boys had a lower heart rate of 140 beats per minute.

Remember that no scientific evidence for this approach. In fact, a study attempted to verify this approach and, instead, found that the child’s fetal heart rate increase with pregnancy. When children develop in the womb, fetal heart rate also varies according to the development process.

Mothers should remember that nine months is a long time to wait, to forecast and discover the sex of their child. This is the time you deserve to expect because the child was born, the answer will be clear. And, when you’re holding the child in his arms, what sex the baby is no longer important.

Meanwhile, the method of predicting a son or daughter is a great way to kill time while waiting for the birth. And above all, you have the correct ratio is 50/50 there.


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