Five common types of cloth diapers you should know before diaper

By | April 8, 2016

We live in a modern world and everyone wants to be using what is trending or the latest in the market. New mothers are also not left out, they are always looking for something new to use on their babies. The fact is that not everything that is considered modern is good and on the other hand everything ancient is not bad.

Cloth diapers have been there for many years and the value of these diapers has not reduced. They are still considered the most affordable, Eco-friendly and also safe on the babies bum. They have evolved and the modern cloth diapers are easier to use and come in different sizes and designs. To choose the best for your baby, you should read some of best cloth diaper reviews and consider everything about cloth diapers before deciding to shop on somewhere. Because there are a lot of types as well as designs of diapers you should know. But if you don’t know what type is suited for your baby, you still can not have suitable diapers.

In this post, We will introduce the first side you need to know clearly before diaper your baby – types of cloth diapers. Here are five common types that are available in the market.

Five common types of cloth diapers

Prefold cloth diapers

This is the most common type of cloth diaper that anyone can afford. These types of cloth diapers were used many years ago and are still available. They are a good option for anyone who has very little to spend. They come in different fabrics and are rectangular in shape. They are then folded to in any preferred shape before putting a baby on them and fastening it and putting a cover. The covers are mainly water resistant. These types of diapers can be washed with hands and come in different sizes for the little babies and the much older ones.

Fitted cloth diapers

If you admire the convenience of disposable diapers but insist on using cloth diapers then fitted diapers is what you need. These diapers have several layers that are absorbent and they do not need to be folded. They do not have an outer cover that is water resistant and therefore, you will need to get a cover. They are easy to use. Some have hooks or closures. They are sized and this means that as your baby grows you will need to get bigger sizes.

Pocket cloth diaper

A pocket diaper is a little bit complex it comes with a water tight layer that is attached to a cloth part. With a gap left in the gap. You are then supposed to put an absorbent fabric inside the opening and once the diaper is changed then you are supposed to remove the inserted absorbent fabric so that you can wash them all together. Inserts can be varied and even pre-folds are can be used. Pocket diapers are very good during the night.

All in one cloth diapers

Just as the name suggests it is an all in one cloth diaper. You do not have separate pieces that you have to put together and there are no pre-folds to. This is one diaper with everything from the absorbent layer to the cover put together. It is easy to use and is also easily fastened using a Velcro. The beautiful thing about this type of diaper is that it can be machine washed making work less hectic for any mother. These diapers are commonly used by young modern mothers. The only disadvantage that this type of cloth diapers have is the long time it takes to dry.

Hybrid cloth diapers

This is another type of cloth diapers that is also referred to as all in two. It has a diaper cover where you insert some layers of absorbent material. The reason why it is called hybrid is because the inserts that you use can either be disposable or cloth which is washable. These diapers also come in different sizes and thus as your baby increases in size, you are forced to get the bigger sizes. When using hybrid diapers one may opt to use cloth when at home and disposable when traveling.

With this knowledge, hoping you have an insightful understanding with a cloth diaper. For more information, you can visit some of the many websites to consult and receive best advice from an expert. We refer to

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