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How to take care for a 10-month-old baby

Eat and sleep

Sleeping baby ten months only 2 sleep in the daytime. She’ll take a nap at around 9-10 am. Signs of fatigue at this age are very similar as yawning, rubbing his eyes, demanding mother hug or sometimes fall asleep while playing but the 10-month-old baby can talk loudly and express their attitude when they want to awake longer. You just keep calm and not use the same way to entice your baby to sleep either bright or dark.

Baby Activity

Milk is still an important factor for a 10-month-old baby. But solid food is equally important. Your baby should not eat the same food every day as this will limit nutrient source. Let cook for little funding is rich and creative. Home-cooked food is always delicious and more nutritious ready meals. From 1 year onwards, most infants will limit the number of foods they like to eat. So if now he is ready to eat many things, do not limit your baby’s diet. Continue reading

How to bath your baby

With the first-time mother, the infant bath can be a challenge. How to bathe your baby how to enjoy your baby and your baby is safe for mother cares. However, once experienced, you will see your baby shower is a time of relaxation for both mother and baby. When newborn or small, you can bathe your baby in the sink basin. A little older, and when you get used to the baby shower, you can bathe your baby shower or even bath together with your baby. After a long day of activities and fun, kids will enjoy when bathing and play in the warm waters.

Bathing is an integral part of the process of care and nurtures your baby. Extra infant properly can help your baby feel comfortable, pleasant and have a good sleep.

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